Find sewing classes, downloads and projects with Bernina’s Learn & Create. Janome’s How To videos are available on YouTube. These will show you how to use the different feet and give tip & hints on sewing techniques.


BERNINA Learn & Create


Be inspired! The BERNINA Learn & Create section lets you in on the BERNINA blog and the BERNINA sewing magazine «inspiration» as well as ideas, instructions, downloads, and creative tips and tricks. 



The BIG JANOME The Big Janome Skill Share


Our aim is to help create more quilters in the world and to celebrate the pride and joy that comes when you share a skill with another person. The BIG JANOME Skill Share collaboration is a development of Jenni Smith’s ‘Just One Quilt’ campaign.


The BIG JANOME Skill Share is about the journey of learning a new skill and sharing the experience, both from the mentor’s perspective and the student’s learning experience. It has the fantastic goal of giving current quilters the confidence to mentor those people who have always fancied trying to make a quilt and finding a whole new generation of quilters.

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