Bernina 720


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For decades, BERNINA has been passionately committed to
 developing sewing and embroidery machines. Swiss precision is at the heart of our products, and high-quality materials guarantee a long product life and high performance. 
The BERNINA 720 offers a wealth of functions and features that make sewing easier. Inventions such as the semi-automatic
 threading system and the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) testify to the BERNINA spirit of innovation. The BERNINA 7 Series is visually stunning with its simple yet exclusive design—because we concentrate not only on sophisticated technologies, but also on setting new standards in product design.


With the launch of the 7 Series, BERNINA introduced a world first, the BERNINA Hook. This latest BERNINA innovation uniquely combines the advantages of the two best hook technologies and is patent pending.
The heart of the BERNINA 7 Series features a novel, centrally placed driver, which allows the BERNINA Hook to run fast yet quietly. The BERNINA Hook sews high-precision stitches up 5.5 mm in width on the B 720 at speeds up to 1,000 stitches per minute. The bobbin holds up to 70 % more thread than standard bobbins allowing you to sew longer without interruption.
Finally, the BERNINA Hook is made of high-quality materials that allow the thread to run smoothly at consistent tension.


BERNINA Adaptive Thread Tension
The BERNINA Adaptive Thread Tension, a BERNINA innovation, provides ideal thread tension while sewing to achieve perfect stitch quality on both sides of the fabric. Once the tension is set according to the thread and fabric used, BERNINA Adaptive Thread Tension will constantly check the thread tension, adjusting it automatically if needed. The result is the finest stitching without pressing a button.

Embroider beautifully and with ease
The B 720 can also embroider; simply switch to embroidery mode directly via the touchscreen. Embroidery mode lets you easily position, mirror, rotate and resize motifs. The finished design can be saved directly on the machine or on a USB stick. What’s more, further designs can be imported to the machine via the USB port. The Check function lets you position the design
 precisely before embroidering. The embroidery module is available as an optional accessory for the B 720. Specially designed for the BERNINA 7 Series, the new Maxi Hoop holds embroidery designs with a maximum area of 400 × 210 mm. The Maxi Hoop is available as an optional accessory.

Precision stitching
With its 5.5 mm maximum stitch width and fine feed mechanism, the B 720 is optimised for dressmakers, quilters and all sewers for whom pinpoint sewing accuracy is the most important goal.  


Extended Freearm for Big Projects
The BERNINA 7 Series includes a meticulously engineered extended free arm with 10 inches (254 mm) of working space to the right of the needle. Not only does the B 720 provide plenty of room for large sewing projects, with its 5.5 mm stitch width, it’s also ideally suited for small sewing jobs such as inserting zippers. And as your
 ambitions grow, the B 720 can be further upgraded with a wealth of optional
 accessories. For instance, add the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR), which guarantees consistent stitches when free-motion sewing and quilting no matter how quickly you move the fabric.

Total Stitch Control
All BERNINA 7 Series models provide an exclusive level of stitch control. Whether you are altering stitch length, stitch width or needle position, the machine will remember the details for you. Your personal settings can be saved and retrieved  and the USB interface allows you to import and export stitches and stitch patterns or combinations.

Tips and Tricks
The Sewing Consultant and built-in tutorials offer direct on-screen support and
 answers to your questions whenever you need them.

Sew with More Ease
The B 720 performs many tasks all by itself. The presser foot lowers automatically at the beginning of a seam. Threading is semi-automatic, and the thread is automatically cut when you reach the end of a seam, or when you change colour whilst embroidering (embroidery module optional). The standard package also features a handy extension table that makes working on all your sewing projects an absolute breeze.


Total number of stitch patterns (incl. alphabet)  - 681

Decorative stitches total - 200

Sewing alphabets - 4

Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute) - 1,000

Length of freearm to the right of the needle - 10 inches

Maximum stitch width 5.5 mm 

Maximum stitch length 6 mm

Needle positions 11



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